so vanity's got this new gun (burstingxheart) wrote,
so vanity's got this new gun

new news

i moved to minneapolis 2 days ago. ill be there for a few months while i get stuff straightened out.
not to mention im with my ever so beautiful girlfriend shelby.
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i hope everything works out for you.
what happened to things with michelle??
well well, fuck shit! minneapolis eh? well, good luck, and call me!
Yep you're here! :)
I heard a song on the radio the other day, you know which one, and it made me think of you and wonder how you were doing... random. Call me danny!!
another new girl? really dan? come on face it you're addicted to love. jesus man.
I'M GLAD YOU TELL ME STUFF LIKE THIS, DORK! you're that much closer! If you're still there when I have some time off school, I might come visit!
haha what happened to the others? Get bored easy i see...well have a fun time