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i dont update very often

wow, i really dont update as much as i used to.

so the job searching is going alot better than it was a couple weeks ago. ive entered myself into like 4 job services around here and they all sound very very promising. the apartment search is going ok as well. one of the apartments i looked at called back and i guess i didnt get it, but she has another one available around august 1st. thats a little too late for me to have my own place.

so after all the court fines and classes are done and paid off, i will be heading back to good ol' montana. you know, i really hated that place when i lived there but ive taken it for granted. the east coast is full of lying, backstabbing people that try to make your life a living hell. not all people, but godDAMN theres a lot of bad apples. montana in the long run is a great place to live. cheap rent, friendly (for the most part) people, beautiful scenery, etc etc. to quote a shitty band "i cant make it on my ooooooown, cuz my heart is in montaaaannnnaaa!" (well you know what i mean :p)

i think everything will be better in the west, because it IS the best.

oh by the way, if anyone wants my old bands CDs then just ask. my friend that i used to be in the band with mailed them to me today.

i guess thats it.
boy my livejournal entries are meaningless...
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